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Unlocking Teaching Skills in the GIC

by Jan Tevini

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will unlock your teaching potential and push your limits? Welcome to KMG’s General Instructor Course (GIC), a dynamic melting pot of diverse backgrounds and motivations. Whether you’re an advanced Krav Maga practitioner, a seasoned martial artist, or a physical education instructor, the GIC welcomes all with open arms.

At the heart of the GIC lies a shared goal among its instructors – to guide each participant towards success in the comprehensive final GIC testing. This formidable challenge consists of two equally significant parts: the technical test, which assesses your grasp of KMG Krav Maga skills, and the teaching test, which gauges your ability to impart knowledge effectively.

The Teaching Mindset: Igniting the Spark

As soon as you step into the instructor education arena, get ready to dive headfirst into the art of teaching. Armed with the written instructor manual, real-life examples, and expert lectures, you’ll be entrusted with the exciting task of planning and executing your own warm-up programs. From day one, you’ll be encouraged to think beyond mere imitation, transcending copy-and-paste methods. Instead, you’ll be challenged to blend your personal experiences and ignite the engine of inspiration within your students, while integrating the knowledge and theories of KMG’s standardized warm-up routines.

Throughout the journey, valuable feedback from the course instructor will fuel your growth, elevating not only your individual competence but also nurturing a collective spirit of excellence within the group.

The Art of Teaching Techniques: Guiding Light to Expertise

As a KMG instructor, you’ll learn that effective teaching is a multi-faceted gem, requiring a delicate balance of “giving knowledge” and “causing or helping someone to learn.” Through principle-based teaching, real-life examples, and sharing your personal experiences, you’ll unearth KMG’s unique and multidimensional approach to transferring principles, knowledge, and experience to students and fellow instructors.

A defining moment in the GIC is the enlightening lecture titled “Teaching a New Technique.” Here, you’ll unravel the blueprint for crafting a successful instructor, diving deep into the art of accelerating human learning. Armed with this wisdom, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the “why,” “how,” and the profound impact your teaching can have on your students.

Challenges and Growth: A Thrilling Journey

As the GIC unfolds, you’ll find yourself navigating new challenges and seizing opportunities for growth. Embracing the responsibility of leading micro groups of 2 to 6 people, you’ll foster a safe haven for learning. Constructive peer feedback sessions after each instructing round will propel your development and contribute to the collective learning experience.

With each step, you’ll gain valuable insights and accumulate teaching experience, equipping you to handle diverse groups and even manage problematic students with finesse.

Continuous Development through Reflective Practice

As you approach the culmination of the course, you’ll take on the mantle of a seasoned instructor, conducting a full class with eloquence and professionalism. This transformation is not just about absorbing knowledge; it’s about internalizing a passion for continuous improvement. Fuel your ambition to share your wisdom, nurture a sense of responsibility towards your students, and let your teaching prowess meet the high standards set by the GIC.

Embrace the concept of the “reflective practitioner” – the key to accelerated personal development, not only in KMG Krav Maga but in life itself. Through introspection during and after actions, you’ll embark on an unceasing journey of learning, fostering a dynamic repertoire of understandings, images, and actions to conquer life’s challenges.

In conclusion, KMG’s General Instructor Course goes beyond teaching skills; it is an immersive experience that unlocks your potential, enriches your communication, and empowers you to become a reflective practitioner in KMG Krav Maga and beyond. Are you prepared to seize this opportunity for personal growth and transformation? Welcome to the GIC, where a world of teaching excellence awaits you.

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