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Eyal Yanilov 400
Tactical Striking & Kicking with Eyal


Join KMG founder Eyal Yanilov in this training session to learn more about rhythms in Krav Maga and the tactical use in striking & kicking combinations.

Eyal 360 400
Defending Knife attacks with Eyal


Eyal Yanilov, Master 3, will train with you on overcoming problematic knife attacks by implementing survival strategies.

Eyal Tommy 400
From the Assault rifle to the walking stick with Eyal & Tommy


In this Live Session Eyal Yanilov and Tommy Blom will give you the essence of using weapons and tools for self defense, combined with the elevation of striking capabilites and enhancing impact in defense and attack.

"I came into the system only 4 years ago, and I love it, just wish it was available when I first started my martial arts 35 years ago, I don't think people know how good and effective it is until they begin training, it really is a complete and powerful system."

Mark S.

"Practicing KMG I found it to be: The most holistic solution to self preservation in violent situations. A sustainable framework for enhancing and maintaining *functional* fitness and capability, complementing and enhancing other sport activities. A rewarding activity which enhances focus, calmness and self esteem."

Yanir L.