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TRANSIC – Enhancing Your Safety On and Off the Road

by Krav Maga Global


In recent decades, the world has witnessed a rise in violent incidents occurring in and around vehicles and confined spaces. From road-rage and carjacking to terrorist attacks on public transport, it is evident that personal safety is a significant concern. At KMG, we have developed a comprehensive safe transportation training program, TRANSIC, designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively handle violence in various scenarios, whether on public transportation, private vehicles, or within urban environments.

Building Strong Foundations

The TRANSIC course takes a systematic approach to prepare participants for dealing with potential attacks. It begins with laying strong foundations through fundamental training. In this phase, participants learn how to respond appropriately to relatively easier attacks, where they have the freedom to move and act. By mastering these basics, individuals build their confidence and awareness, fostering the ability to avoid dangerous situations altogether.

Thriving Under Stress and Changing Conditions

As the training progresses, participants are exposed to scenarios that simulate high-stress and constantly changing conditions. This dynamic environment helps individuals adapt to real-life situations, enhancing their reaction time and concentration. As adrenaline levels rise, participants become more conscious and alert, essential qualities for effectively dealing with threats.

Mastering High-Stress Situations

The third stage of TRANSIC delves into handling even more demanding situations. Participants practice under increasingly elevated stress levels, experiencing restricted movement and facing higher physical and mental loads. For example, they learn to defend against knife attacks near obstacles such as walls or tables and protect family members while confined in tight spaces like buses, trams, subways, or airplanes. These realistic scenarios provide invaluable experience and help participants build resilience and self-assurance.

Empowering KMG Instructors and Students

TRANSIC was initially designed for KMG instructors; however, we also welcome KMG students for the first few days of the course. By including students, we ensure a wider dissemination of safety knowledge throughout the KMG community. This decision reflects our commitment to fostering a safer environment for all individuals, both within and outside the KMG organization.

Evolution and Adaptation

The inaugural TRANSIC course was held in Australia, and since then, we have continuously improved and refined the program. Based on feedback and real-world experiences, we have incorporated additional materials to make TRANSIC even more comprehensive and effective.


KMG’s TRANSIC course offers individuals the opportunity to acquire life-saving skills, heighten their situational awareness, and build the confidence to navigate potentially dangerous situations. With a commitment to ongoing improvement and adaptation, KMG ensures that participants receive the most comprehensive and practical training available. By empowering both instructors and students, KMG continues to extend its knowledge and experience, making the world a safer place for everyone.