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Advancing in the KMG System: The Four Pillars of Instructor’s Education

by Eyal Yanilov


In any aspect of life, continuous learning and development are essential for growth and success. At Krav Maga Global (KMG), we believe in fostering constant progress through education, and we achieve this by imparting knowledge in the four fundamental components that lay the groundwork for becoming a skilled instructor and leader.

1. Self-Defense: Laying the Basics

The first component of the KMG instructor’s education is self-defense with the General Instructor Course (GIC). This forms the bedrock of the entire system and equips trainees with essential techniques and principles. Understanding self-defense is crucial for building a strong foundation before delving into more specialized areas of study.

2. Third-Party Protection: Safeguarding Others

Following successful completion of the GIC, participants can progress to the Third-Party Protection Course (VIPIC/3PPIC). This training focuses on unarmed defense techniques tailored for civilians, emphasizing the protection of family members, friends, and others in various scenarios. For those with a governmental aspect, the course delves deeper into immersive situations combining Krav Maga with armed tactical scenarios.

3. Combat & Fighting Tactics/Techniques: Advanced Strategies

The Combat & Fighting Instructor Course (CFIC) is designed for instructors seeking more in-depth training beyond typical attacker-defender scenarios. This advanced training deals with continuous situations where attackers employ various tactics to seek openings and launch a series of attacks. Tactically sophisticated, this course teaches participants how to handle complex confrontations with precision and adaptability.

4. Mental Conditioning & Combat Mindset: Training the Driver

In the Mental Conditioning & Combat Mindset Instructors Course (MCIC), the focus shifts to training the mind, just as one would train the body. The mind, akin to a driver in a vehicle, plays a crucial role in decision-making, stress management, and performance execution. This course equips participants with the tools to build courage, control aggression, and practice persistence. Moreover, it emphasizes focus, concentration, and the ability to manage destructive emotions like anxiety and fear, vital skills for both combat situations and everyday life challenges.

Importance of Mental Training 

The MCIC is not exclusively for instructors; it is open to all students as well. Training the mind is crucial for everyone, and it is often overlooked in favor of physical training. However, mental practice is just as important as honing our physical skills. Through mental conditioning, we develop the capacity to handle stress, make sound decisions under pressure, and excel in various aspects of life, not just in self-defense situations.

Forming the Foundation

Collectively, these four courses—the GIC, Third-Party Protection Course, Combat & Fighting Instructor Course, and Mental Conditioning & Combat Mindset Course—constitute the first batch of the instructor’s four-pillar education within KMG. By imparting knowledge and honing skills in each of these areas, KMG instructors build a comprehensive and robust foundation in the KMG system. The training spans technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects, ensuring that instructors are fully equipped to lead and educate effectively.


At KMG, we believe that continuous development through education is the key to becoming exceptional instructors and leaders. By focusing on the four pillars of instructor’s education—self-defense, Third-Party Protection, combat and fighting tactics, and mental conditioning—KMG instructors are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel both in the world of Krav Maga and in their personal lives. Emphasizing the importance of mental training ensures that the “driver” of our actions—the mind—is well-prepared to navigate life’s challenges and reach our goals successfully.