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KMG School Owner Membership


KMG was founded on principles that remain at the heart of the organization today. These principles reflect our core values - integrity, accountability, respect, and professional commitment.
As an international membership organization made up of people who share a passion for Krav Maga, realistic self-defense, close protection, personal safety, and health & fitness, we are committed to enhancing communities and empowering lives across the world.

Over the course of our development, the evolution of the Krav Maga market, and the changing needs of our clients, we have grown from a small group of enthusiasts to a large organization. This opens up a multitude of possibilities for each individual. In order to support and develop our community and to continuously meet our values and stakeholder requirements in a competitive environment, structuring and clear responsibilities are required. Marketing, risk management, and dispute resolution are topics that are also normal in the world of Krav Maga and need to be addressed.

We all know that no single person can ensure holistic problem solving, development of subject matter expertise, and last but not least professional growth and business success without the cooperation of others.
With these considerations in mind, we are looking very much forward to welcoming you soon in our exquisite circle of KMG School Owners.

As a professional member of our organization, you will be a valuable and recognized person with a great role model function. You have your own distinct identity forged from a unique set of abilities, life experiences, interests, talents, and backgrounds, which we greatly appreciate.
Paired with our educational programs, the international network of subject matter experts, and business support, you will progress, improve, and benefit from our valuable relationship.

We are looking forward to making a difference together.

All the best,
The KMG-HQ Team


School Owner (SO) – (also referred to as ‘Club Owner’ in other KMG documents) refers to an individual or group of individuals who own or operate their own training business or school in the Region providing instruction in Krav Maga (whether through private lessons only or regular classes) as part of its service offering.

School – a training facility where Krav Maga is taught by active instructor/s, run by a school owner (who may be an active instructor) and follows the relevant agreements and these regulations.

Krav Maga Global (KMG/Organization) – refers to the Krav Maga Global Organization represented by K.M.G – Krav Maga Global Ltd, and the services, materials, methods, and systems provided by KMG.

Krav Maga Global Headquarters (KMG-HQ) – means the world governing body, represented by K.M.G. - Krav Maga Global Ltd, at present headquartered in Israel; its management team, employees, staff members, and its services.

Professional Member – means all persons and organizational units that take on a representative role within KMG. These include, for example, KMG Headquarters (KMG-HQ) with its staff members, Country Directors and Representatives with their staff members, Global and International Team of Instructors (GIT), International Coaches Team (ICT), National Team of Instructors (NT), School Owners (SO), Instructors.

Activation Date – is the calendar date from which the School Owner Membership is active with its rights and obligations.

Codes, Standards, and Guidelines – a Code is a set of rules outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities or proper practices of an individual or organization. Standards are the specifications of principles and procedures by which the organization assures that it provides high-quality products, services, or generally desirable outcomes. A guideline is a statement by which to determine a course of action. It aims to streamline particular processes according to a set routine or sound practice.

Director(s) or Representative(s) (RR) – the operational executive(s) responsible to support the administrative details in the Territory/Region/Country. The representatives are nominated by KMG-HQ to act as the local representatives of KMG in the defined Territory/Region/Country. In consultation with KMG-HQ, they manage and support the local instructors, business operations, and services of KMG.

Fee – refers to the mandatory membership fee set by KMG-HQ and KMG-Country.

In-house Instructor – is a KMG-certified instructor who works for a School Owner. He/she can be the School Owner himself/herself, or a third person.

KMG Certificate of Participation – is a paper document that is handed out to participants of workshops, seminars, and special training by the operator of such events. The certificates can be purchased from KMG-HQ and KMG-Country.

KMG Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct – is a document that outlines the ethical and professional principles that govern decisions and behavior at KMG. It gives general outlines of how Professional Members should behave, as well as specific guidance for handling issues like harassment, safety, and conflicts of interest.

KMG-Country/KMG-[Territory/Region/Country]  – means the business created by or endorsed by KMG-HQ to manage KMG operations in the Territory/Region/Country.

KMG Curriculum/Curriculum – the official list of techniques, tactics, and solutions provided by KMG for the different levels and courses.

KMG Instructor – means an Instructor who holds a current KMG Instructor certificate and has an active KMG Instructor Membership.

KMG Instructor Membership – is a personal membership for KMG-certified instructors that provides a range of benefits, rights, and obligations as described in the document KMG Professional Instructor Membership.

KMG Passport – is the trainees' logbook, an entrance into the world of Krav Maga Global training. It documents all successful level tests, certifications, and participation in courses and events. Only authorized KMG representatives can add and write in the passport.

KMG School Owner Membership (Membership) – is a business membership for schools/training providers which offer KMG-certified Krav Maga training. The Membership provides a range of benefits, rights, and obligations as described in this document.

KMG Student – means any person who is a member of a club or school operated by a School Owner and who receives instruction in Krav Maga from a KMG Instructor.

KMG Social Media Policy – is the code of conduct that provides guidelines for KMG Professional Members who post content on the Internet either as part of their job or as a private person.

KMG uniform/uniform – the official training clothes of KMG.

Logo – The KMG logo and all of its variations, the Krav Junior logo and all its variations.

Personal information – refers to information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, recorded in writing or spoken, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can be reasonably ascertained from the information or opinion. 

Service Package/Service Pack – the services provided to members (instructors and school owners) by KMG-HQ and KMG-[Territory/Region/Country].

Territorial Protection Circle – The exclusive right to operate a Krav Maga Global affiliated school in a certain territory. The territory will be identified as a number of kilometers in any direction from the School address as defined by Google Maps from a linear measurement. The exact radius differs from geographic regions and is influenced by factors such as KMG development, infrastructure, and population. The designated territory of the SO is determined at the time of registration and the conclusion of the SO Membership.

Territory/Region/Country – The geographical area of which the School Owner of this agreement is located, residing, and operating a Krav Maga Global affiliated school, or the geographical area a Director or RR is appointed to.

Trade Mark – refers to trademarks owned by KMG-HQ, whether registered or unregistered.


This School Owner Membership Agreement is between K.M.G - Krav Maga Global Ltd (KMG-HQ), and

KMG affiliated School Owner (full name): 

Hereafter known as the SO (School Owner).

This agreement gives the SO the right to teach Krav Maga under Krav Maga Global in the geographical area of:

Area/Radius of Territorial Protection:  

Business Information:

The SO’s business and contact information is as follows:

Business Name:

Contact Person:

Full Business Address:

Tax ID:




Training Location:

The primary location of the SO where Krav Maga Global activities (training and instruction) are conducted and which is under territorial protection:

School Name:

School Address:




In the case where there is more than one SO forming a partnership in the KMG-affiliated school, all School Owners must sign a separate School Owner Agreement.


The parties hereby agree as follows:


  1. K.M.G - Krav Maga Global Ltd is an international organization established under the laws of Israel and founded for the promotion of and education in Krav Maga, physical fitness, and Personal Safety and Security (situational awareness and self-defense).
  2. The School Owner (SO) is an individual or group of individuals, partnerships, or companies, who own or operate their own training business or school providing instruction in Krav Maga as part of its service offering.
  3. The objective of this Agreement is to govern the rights and obligations of the SO as a Professional Member of the Organization.


Subject Matter

  1. By the conclusion of this Agreement, the SO mentioned above shall become a Professional Member of the Organization and will be licensed to run an affiliated Krav Maga school under Krav Maga Global in the geographic area specified in the "Area/Radius of Territorial Protection" section of this Agreement.
  2. The SO shall be entitled to certain rights and obligations under this Agreement and to all benefits of School Owners.
  3. The SO shall be bound by the statutes and codes of the KMG Organization and is entitled to and has to comply with the rights and obligations set out therein. The current statutes and codes are published on the KMG websites. The Organization does, however, reserve the right to change the statutes and codes at any time in its own sole discretion based on the applicable provisions. In such case, the Organization shall provide the Member with a copy of a current version of the document which shall in any case automatically apply its resolution by the Organization.
  4. The SO is prohibited from opening or conducting any Krav Maga activities in other geographical locations without prior written permission from KMG-HQ and the amendment of this Agreement or the signing of a new School Owner Membership Agreement.
  5. With this Agreement, the School Owner does not become an employee of KMG-HQ and remains responsible and liable for his/her own actions.
  6. The School Owner Membership does not include insurance, and the SO is responsible for informing themselves about the legal requirements of their country and acting accordingly.



  1. The SO joins the Organization as a full member with status
    Premium: The Membership includes up to five Instructor Memberships for In-house Instructors.
    Advanced: The Membership includes up to three Instructor Memberships for In-house Instructors.
    Basic: The Membership includes one Instructor Membership for In-house Instructors.



  1. The SO shall pay KMG-HQ a membership fee of
  2. The fee may be extended by KMG-Country (for additional services).
  3. The membership fee is due after the conclusion of this Agreement and then on January 01 of each calendar year. If the Agreement is concluded during the year, the membership fee for the first year will apply proportionally calculated on a monthly basis. The SO shall provide a form of payment (e.g., credit card) for the collection of fees. By default, the fees are calculated and collected monthly.
  4. Unless the SO notifies KMG-HQ before a charge or does not want to renew, the KMG Professional Membership will automatically continue, and KMG-HQ will collect the then-applicable membership fee and any taxes, using any eligible payment method the Instructor has provided.
  5. If all eligible payment methods KMG-HQ has on file for the SO are declined for payment of the membership fee, the SO must provide KMG-HQ with a new eligible payment method promptly, or the membership will be canceled. If the SO provides KMG-HQ with a new eligible payment method and is successfully charged, the new membership period will be based on the original renewal date and not the date of the successful charge. Any costs incurred as a result of a declined fee collection will be passed on to the SO.
  6. KMG-HQ may change the amount of the fees at its own reasonable discretion in the future. KMG-HQ shall give written notice of any change at least 60 days prior to the effective date thereof. In case the SO objects to a new schedule of fees within 14 days after notification by KMG-HQ, the Agreement shall expire after the end of the current period for which the SO has already paid its fees.
  7. The School Owner Membership fee covers all locations in the agreed geographical location and the Territorial Protection Circle. Additional locations which are located outside of the geographical location will be subject to an additional discounted fee per geographical location which will be determined at the time of inception.


Term of the Agreement

  1. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time from its conclusion.
  2. Either party may terminate the Agreement in writing by providing a notice period of 3 months, with the termination effective at the end of each calendar year.
  3. KMG-HQ may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect in cases where there are repeated violations of the Agreement, violation of an essential provision of this Framework Agreement by the SO, and failure to remedy such a violation within a reasonable time period given by the Organization (but no more than 14 days).
  4. No remedy period will be granted if the violation cannot be remedied, or the granting of a grace period is unreasonable considering the type or severity of the violation.
  5. The SO will also be in default if they fail to fulfill their payment obligations, including the membership fee or the license fee, by more than two months, despite having received written notice and a grace period of at least 14 days.
  6. KMG-HQ may terminate the Agreement if the SO violates the Organization’s statutes and codes, objects to a change in the statutes and codes, or infringes on third-party rights through their actions.


Contact Details, Names, and Use of Logo

  1. The SO is responsible for keeping their address and contact details up-to-date with KMG-HQ and KMG-Country.
  2. Prior approval from KMG-HQ is required if the SO plans to use the words "Krav Maga Global" and/or "KMG" in their business or school title. The SO must obtain this approval before creating any marketing materials or registering the business or individual.
  3. The SO may use the KMG logo in accordance with the KMG Branding Guide's currently valid version for the following purposes only:
  4. Promoting the KMG-affiliated school and its activities online, on fliers, posters, business cards, and other printed material that do not conflict with the KMG School Owner Membership Agreement.
  5. On school T-shirts according to the KMG Branding Guide.
  6. Any changes to the logo's design or text are strictly prohibited. The KMG Branding Guide contains the currently applicable logos.


KMG Passports, Certificates, Diplomas, and Apparel

  1. KMG Passports, level patches, certificates, diplomas, and KMG uniforms may only be acquired from KMG-HQ or KMG-Country.
  2. KMG apparel and merchandise may only be purchased from KMG-approved manufacturers or resellers.
  3. The SO is entitled to purchase KMG merchandise, apparel, and training equipment at a reduced price from KMG-HQ.
  4. KMG-HQ must provide the authorized SO with level certificates and patches at wholesale prices.


KMG Curriculum, Instructors, Seminars, and Training

  1. The SO must inform KMG-HQ and KMG-Country of the instructors teaching at their school(s).
  2. The SO must ensure that instructors teaching Krav Maga at the SO's school(s) are certified KMG instructors, active KMG instructor members, and follow the KMG guidelines and curriculum. The SO may not provide the services of other Krav Maga organizations and/or instructors.
  3. Up to five free Instructor Memberships are included in this Agreement for In-house Instructors of the SO.
  4. The Basic Membership includes one free Instructor Membership, the Advanced Membership includes three, and the Premium Membership includes five free Instructor Memberships.
  5. All included Instructor Memberships offer the benefits described in the KMG Instructor Membership document and end with the end of the SO agreement.
  6. The SO must ensure that all instructors are regularly updated and qualified for their job.
  7. KMG-HQ and/or KMG-Country will provide the SO with current professional materials from KMG.
  8. The SO will have access to the SO/Instructor section on KMG's online platform(s) with professional content.
  9. The SO may participate in local and international KMG-HQ events at a discounted fee.
  10. The SO or instructor may hold local Krav Maga seminars on topics that align with their proficiency level and qualification.
  11. Special topics that require qualifying instructor courses or KMG certificate training may only be offered after completing the corresponding certified training (e.g. GIC, KIC, CFIC, LEIC, MCIC, etc.). Attending a seminar on these topics is not sufficient.
  12. All participants at open seminars and workshops (except general local introduction events) must receive an official KMG Certificate of Participation.
  13. The SO or instructor may not approach trainees from other KMG schools for training activities, courses, or seminars without the explicit consent of the respective SO.


Student Journey and Level Tests

  1. The SO is responsible for maintaining accurate records of students’ training. No student should be allowed to test without meeting the requirements outlined in the KMG test regulations.
  2. The SO or their certified instructor(s) may conduct tests for their own students up to Practitioner Level 4 (P4) in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the KMG certification processes, provided that the following conditions are met:
  3. The students meet all test requirements.
  4. The Examiner holds at least Graduate Level 3 (G3) and has attended the Examiner Training Course (with adaptations for specific KMG-Countries, if any).
  5. As a global organization, we encourage international relationships. Therefore, all SOs agree to allow international guest trainees with a valid KMG passport (after registration) to participate in regular training free of charge for up to two weeks, or at a reduced fee.


Business Support and Marketing

  1. KMG-HQ and KMG-Country will advertise the SO’s school(s) in national and international promotions, where applicable, on the Official KMG website, on social media, in newsletters, and in response to relevant inquiries received regarding the SO’s geographical location.
  2. The SO is given a general Service Pack that contains exclusive benefits only for SOs licensed by KMG-HQ. Refer to APPENDIX A - School Owner’s List of Benefits for a full list of Service Pack benefits.
  3. KMG-HQ and KMG-Country will provide the SO with the current marketing and professional materials from KMG.
  4. In the event of any media coverage of the SO’s activities (such as a women’s event), the SO must preferably inform KMG-HQ and/or KMG-Country with a link to the material so KMG can advertise the activities.
  5. Promoting the SO’s own business in local and social media is allowed, provided it does not target other SO’s clients and/or interests and is in compliance with the KMG Social Media Policy.
  6. If the press contacts the SO concerning ongoing criminal cases and/or rumors that can have a direct or indirect impact on KMG-HQ, KMG-Country, KMG instructors, other School Owners, etc., the SO is prohibited from commenting and must redirect the press to KMG-HQ or KMG-Country.
  7. KMG-HQ is obliged to refer potential clients/students to the SO if the SO’s activities are the closest to the client’s home.
  8. The SO is entitled to a commission from sales of KMG passports to the SO’s students (adaptations may exist in some KMG-Countries).
  9. The SO can apply to become a hosting partner for KMG-HQ events. This can include a daily rate for the use of the SO’s location and an additional profit share, depending on workload and marketing/organizational efforts.
  10. If there are conflicts between two SOs regarding Krav Maga activities, KMG-HQ will help the parties reach a suitable solution. If no resolution can be found, KMG-HQ will make the final decision.
  11. Example: SO-1 is promoting their products to SO-2’s students.
  12. Example: SO-1 is opening a location that SO-2 feels is too close to their activities.



  1. The Parties agree to maintain strict confidentiality and not disclose any information related to this Agreement or any confidential or proprietary information exchanged between them, including any confidential information or business secrets shared by other members of the Organization, to any third party, except as required by law or necessary in the course of legal defense. This obligation of confidentiality shall continue to apply even after the termination of this Agreement.


Final Provisions

  1. Transfer of the entire Agreement or any individual rights or obligations to a third party by the SO is prohibited.
  2. The Parties acknowledge that no additional oral agreements have been made.
  3. This Agreement may be modified or amended only through a written document signed by both Parties. This requirement also applies to any waiver of this provision.
  4. The SO will be notified of any changes by email.
  5. The SO has a period of 10 days to respond to any proposed changes, which must be communicated via email.
  6. If any term of this Agreement becomes void, invalid, or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity, legality, or enforceability of the remaining provisions. The void, invalid, or unenforceable term will be construed, supplemented, or replaced in a manner that best achieves the commercial purpose intended by it. This also applies to any contractual gaps.


Agreed Membership Level

APPENDIX A - School Owner’s List of Benefits


Right to promote SO’s Krav Maga activities under the Krav Maga Global name and brand

Professional Support & Identity


10% discount on regular sales price on clothes and equipment on KMG Shop (

Discounts & Increased Profit


10% discount on KMG-HQ events around the globe for own participation



Free access to KMG’s Professional Member online platform with exclusive content and networking opportunities

Professional Support


Endorsement, promotion, and listing of SO’s school(s) on KMG websites

PR & Marketing


100% profit and right to test own students up to KMG level P3 in own school. KMG testing regulations apply (incl. examiner minimum level G3, examiner training program passed)

Professional Support & Increased Profit


Wholesale prices for patches, diplomas

Increased Profit


Commission on KMG passports to own students

Increased Profit


Become a hosting partner for KMG-HQ/KMG-Country events with a profit share

PR & Increased Profit


Up to 5 free instructor memberships with benefits (for In-house Instructor)

Professional Support


Access to promotional materials, such as designs for banners, roll-ups, fliers, images, etc

PR & Identity


The right to use the KMG logo according to the SO style & branding guide

PR & Identity

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